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Wireless Accessories

All the Afar pulsAR Wireless Ethernet Bridges are typically shipped with mounting hardware to attach the unit to an outdoor pole, and an indoor 110-240 VAC power inserter. We also supply the following accessories which you can purchase separately:

  • Antennas: The correct antenna at each site depends on the application. For a point-to-point link we recommend the directional high gain 24 dBi grid, or the 19 dBi flat panel antennas. In a point-to-multipoint deployment, you may want to use our 9 dBi omni antenna at the hub site and the directional antennas at the remotes.
  • Cables: In a typical deployment with the radio outdoors you will need an outdoor rated cat5 cable between the power inserter and the radio. We carry pre-made cables of various lengths. Depending on your deployment you may also need console cables, antenna alignment cables and RF cables.
  • Surge Suppressors: For either the RF or the Ehernet cable, these devices protect your equipment against surges induced by nearby lightning strikes.
  • Power Supplies: For battery or solar power operation you may want to specify the DC power inserter instead of the standard AC unit. We also offer a DC/DC converter for applications where the power available is -48 VDC.

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